Empowering girls to design, create and code

Our mission is to inspire young girls to leverage technology, art and entrepreneurship skills.  Why being a consumer when you can become a creator of technology.  Design and create your own jewels and sell them through Etsy.com, Amazon.com or your own website.  Join our newsletter below and stay up to date with new designs that will dazzle your friends.  Make it, code it, wear it!

Multiple languages coming soon

We are re-investing every dollar we receive to translate our programming booklet and make our gems more affordable to reach more girls around the world.  Know that your purchase will help us reach this goal.

Match your style to your unique personality

Each kit comes with copper and silver for making your own designs and frames.  Your friends will envy your new skills.

Our easy to follow instruction will guide you in making your own creations.  You can sell them on Etsy.com or Amazon.com

MAKE your OWN style


Silver and copper

Silver and copper

Each Select Kit comes with enough raw copper and silver to make the designs shown above.  Let your imagination take over and make your own style.  The kits include basic patterns and instructions to follow - tools are available at your local craft stores.

Make each piece as unique as yourself.

Learn to design your own LED creations

Design - Using our templates, learn how to make beautiful and stylish pendants and earrings.  Mix silver and copper with our gemstones and create something truly unique and personal.

Your little wearable device comes per-programmed with various patterns.  You can also create your own patterns by learning to code and use our programming kit (coming Fall 2017).

choose your electronics gemstone








Each electronic gemstone is ready to use and be placed into your own frame and design.  The battery included can last more than 80 hours when on.  Three patterns are already pre-progammed.   Using the programmer's kit, you can then modify the patterns, blinking, pulsing and timings.  Contact us for custom colors and custom finished designs.  Other metals available on request.

Learn to code

Using our programmer's kit, you will be able to add new patterns, change the timings and have fun making your own sequences.  This kit will be available at the end of Summer 2017.  Reserve and pre-order yours today at a discounted rate.


Leddy is one of the main characters of the Island of PodPi adventures.  PodPi is a series of comic books designed to teach kids JavaScript coding and electronics.  With close to 50% of the subscribers being girls, the same team decided to make something truly unique for them, and LeddyWear was born.

Asia from CodingHeroes.com

Asia from CodingHeroes.com

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Contact us at leddy at podpi.com.  Ask us about templates, designs, resale, modeling or international shipping